Betzavta Harish

Israel's First Collaborative Neighborhood

Betzavta Harish

Welcome to Israel's first collaborative neighborhood

A complete and first-of-its-kind neighborhood in Israel that merges two fascinating phenomena in residence and work: Co Living and Co Working. Betzavta is a new living concept that enables its residents to build together a quality community, which heightens the sense of belonging and provides a rich living experience that's full of interest. To be a part of the community you've always wanted. The concept for a collaborative neighborhood was born of a study that young families took part in, who were asked to describe their ideal living experience. We found that most families, mainly the young ones, strive to live in an environment that creates a sense of mutual responsibility, partnership and friendship. In other words, it's a living experience exactly as it once was in a current and updated version. Betzavta offers a wide range of new platforms that create a complete living experience: shared workspaces – a center of excellence and enrichment for children – a collaborative shop – a collaborative supermarket – a collaborative hall for events – a communal green garden and parks. And all those in addition to community services such a trade center that includes cafés and shops. You're home now. Betzavta.

For the first time​

A neighborhood being constructed at once​

The first neighborhood in Israel being constructed at once, when for the first time, an infrastructure and construction company gets a permit to build the entire neighborhood, including schools, gardens, public spaces, community buildings and more. Shapir promises you that on your brightest day, you’ll not only get the keys to your dream apartment, you’ll also be getting a key to an entire neighborhood, the Betzavta neighborhood.


Apartments' Specification

All of the project’s apartments come with a wealthy and indulging specification



The apartments at the Betzavta neighborhood offer a wealthy and quality design


The neighborhood's map

If you want to view the neighborhood, you can watch here the establishment plan for the new neighborhood


A 15-minute drive from Caesarea and Hadera   

A 30-minute drive from Kfar Sava, Ra’anana and the Sharon-region cities

A 20-minute drive from Yokne’am and Jezreel Valley

A 45-minute drive from Tel Aviv and Haifa


Ein Iron, proximity to Highway 6

Easy access to Highway 65 (Wadi Ara), Highway 4

(Old Highway 2), (Highway 2)

Highway 0 (wide road that merges with Hadera)

A train station to be constructed near the interchange

A collaborative neighborhood

The concept of the collaborative neighborhood is express by creating great moments and shared experiences among neighbors and friends. The living experience, based on the concepts of Co Living, has a wealth of services, shared activities and a fascinating and rich active life – for adults and children, out of a collaborative value, self and communal realization.

Planning and infrastructure

Wide roads and green avenues

Dozens of dunams of parks, neighborhood commercial centers alongside large shopping centers, community centers, lottery centers and classes. Community services, medical services, leisure and recreational are available at a walking distance from educational clusters – preschools/elementary schools/middle schools and high schools, a futuristic occupational park, which is currently being constructed near Hama’ar neighborhood, a short distance from Betzavta neighborhood.




Residential complexes


Residential units for sale

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